Low cost, sustainable roof and façade refurbishment with Kalzip®.

Refurbishment doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us show you how you can renovate your roof or façade quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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The ideal refurbishment solution

The flexibility and versatility of the Kalzip refurbishment options allow architects, designers and building owners creative freedom to install new roofs on existing buildings and thus not only improve the appearance of the property but also create an attractive urban or industrial built Environment.

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The roof that will last for generations

Industrial buildings are long-term assets designed to last for generations. Good business practice includes consideration of repair and maintenance costs and of the risks over the entire life cycle. Before undertaking refurbishment of a roof or façade, it is important to look carefully at the costs and understand why a roof using Kalzip aluminium profile panels is the right solution for you.

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The refurbishment selector tool enables Kalzip to suggest the most appropriate
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Existing roof cladding and sealing system

We can offer different refurbishment options depending on the existing roof cladding and sealing system. Please give details of your existing roof type.

Bitumen or membrane

We offer various tried and tested options for the refurbishment of roofs with bitumen or membrane sealing systems.

Asbestos cladding

In the case of an existing asbestos cladding, we can undertake a large part of the construction work and so save you money.

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Sustainable and cost-effective

A metal roof made of virtually maintenance-free Kalzip aluminium profile panels saves money in the medium to long term. Kalzip aluminium profile panel roof cladding provides significantly better protection: the roof is installed without the need to drill holes and as a hard roof is classed as non-flammable. You also save on running costs for repair or maintenance. Kalzip aluminium profiled panels can be removed and recycled an infinite number of times.

  • Membrane
  • Kalzip standing seam roofing

The benefits in brief


Long durability over the entire service life of the building

Low maintenance costs, no repairs or refurbishment required

Removable and recyclable

No additional lightning protection required

Simple to retrofit PV systems

Value appreciation

Reduces running costs due to better thermal insulation.

Provides a modern, contemporary architecture, increasing the value of the property

Enhances company’s image


No costs for disposing of the old roof (if appropriate it can remain in place)

Sustainability – Environmental Product Declaration available for DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) and LEED certification

100% recyclable

Klaus Hillmer

Head of Global Contract Logistics at the Lexzau, Scharbau GmbH & Co. KG Group of Companies

The Kalzip roofing system is the most cost-effective and, at the same time, the most sustainable solution for us. Due to the light weight of the new roof structure, we were able to install effective thermal insulation on the existing load-bearing structure without additional structural engineering measures and have more than met the required insulation value with respect to the options for the future use of the building.

It could be laid to the highest standard due to the optimised installation properties and flexibility of the renovation system. The hard roof we now have is durable, spark-resistant and maintenance-free. Over the next few years we will save on maintenance and running costs. Moreover, we were able to specify the roof in our company colours with the company’s name on it and thus help to advertise our brand.

Matthias Berlin

Chartered Civil Engineer
GTZ-BAE architecture and engineering

We decided for financial reasons on a hard roof made from Kalzip aluminium profile panels for the renovation of the saw-tooth roofs of our factory in Warendorf. We replaced the old insulation with 12 cm thick soft insulation felt, which was laid on a vapour barrier on the existing trapezoidal sheet structure. The new roof skin with stucco embossed surface installed on top of this was the best option for us due to its robust, weather resistant properties. The new roof surfaces are extremely durable, resistant to aggressive environmental factors and extreme weather conditions and significantly reduce our maintenance costs. At the same time, they give our building an attractive, uniform appearance.

Michael Boedecker

Chartered Civil Engineer
CSE Planning

In order to create a building which is both sustainable in terms of energy consumption and impressive in appearance for the Technoparc, the CLAAS showroom and customer centre, we opted for the Kalzip DuoPlus system for the roof structure. It exceeds the current EnEv (German Energy Conservation Act) standards for thermal insulation. It is also ideal for a building with the demanding soundproofing requirements we have here in the Technoparc, with its various spaces for displays, talks and film shows. Last but not least, aluminium also fulfils our expectations in terms of good architecture.

Heinrich Vosshans

Chartered Civil Engineer
Voßhans Architects

We designed the new storey for the Lisa Tetzner School in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock as a timber frame structure. We chose the energy-saving Kalzip DuoPlus E system for the roof in order to provide protection against the summer heat for the classrooms under it. The construction principle comprises treadable and additional compressible mineral wool insulation, which allowed us to achieve an excellent U value. The thermal separation of the system fixing the Kalzip profile panels to the load-bearing decking meant that thermal bridging could also be minimised. As a result, the classrooms remain pleasantly cool even in the strong summer sun and the students feel comfortable. The outer cladding in aluminium also meets our requirements in terms of architectural design.

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What span width can the Kalzip Vario RT roof renovation system bridge?
That depends on the loads that have to be transferred and on the location where the RT system is installed (centre, edge, corner area). The system is designed as standard for a grid of approx. 2 x 2 m, assuming normal wind and snow loading.
In principle, Kalzip Vario RT can be installed on any load-bearing structures. Appropriate purlins must be used on soft substrates (e.g. trapezoidal structural decking or membrane seals) in order to create a better load distribution. In the case of uneven substrates, a fully adjustable solution, which will shortly be licensed, should be used.
A 2 x 2 m layout with an average height of 1 m creates an additional load of approx. 8 to 12.5 kg/m2. The Kalzip Vario RT system comprises zinc high pressure die cast components, aluminium rails and Kalzip aluminium profile panels as the outer roof cladding.
Any roof shape (mono-pitch roof, gable roof, barrel roof) can be created with a pitch of between 1.5 and 15 degrees.
All system components are supplied ex works in standard lengths and dimensions. The individual elements are cut to length on site and screwed to the system components. The spare material can be used for other building projects or renovations.
The system can equalise slope differences of up to 15 degrees and height differences of ± 5 cm. As the pillars and purlins are supplied in 6 m lengths, larger height differences can also be managed.
During development, particular value was placed on light weight and ease of handling on the construction site, i.e. installation of the components only requires them to be cut to size and screwed in place. Because they are light in weight, no lifting gear is required. This saves on personnel costs. The Kalzip system holder (RT clip) is simply screwed into the purlin and locked in place. No additional fixings or screws are required. This saves time and installation costs.
The system is made entirely of non-corroding materials. It comprises aluminium purlins and pillars, high pressure die-cast zinc components and stainless-steel fixings.
The system is made from non-flammable materials and fulfils the requirements of Class A1.

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